Midlothian Bicycle Repair

Booking in your repair
We have no specific opening hours at the repair centre just now, so you need to call us on 0131 654 1351 to book in your repair. You can also email our online shop to book in your repair info@singletrackbikes.co.uk.

Contact Us
0131 654 1351
Midlothian Bicycle Repair
101 High Street
EH19 2ET

About Us
Our mechanics are fully trained and have vast experience servicing & repairing bicycles. The trading name Midlothian Bicycle Repair Centre belongs to the online mail order company Singletrack Bikes also registered at this address. You can browse our online shop Singletrack Bikes for a full catalogue of bikes, parts & accessories.

Midlothian Bicycle Repair Cenre | 101 High Street | Bonnyrigg | Midlothian | EH19 2ET | 0131 654 1351